UK National Company Website

UK National Company Website

Getting your business listed UK wide is a campaign not just a website, you will have to come at this from lots of angles, PPC, Social Media, online directory listing and plenty of structured content posting on your website. For instant gratification you will require PPC because generic free listings take time.

This subject has so many ways of being done that if you stuck 100 SEO engineers in a room you would get about as much agreement as a room full of UK MP’S discussing Brexit. The one thing they will all agree on is it takes lots of man hours.

How dose Google Work

Trying to keep it simple someone types a search phrase in Google such as football boots, Google will then check its database for all the sites that have mentioned football boots which is about 230,000,000 and list them. Who comes first and last is decided by lots of different things.

  1. The PPC method is always listed first because you’re paying for it after that it’s down to how much you get more correct than the competition .
  2. What relevance your site has to football boots. This is scored by content, links and date last updated.
  3. Locality, where the search was made in location to your business.
  4. How old your site is
  5. How many visitors you get
  6. Do you have a SSL CERTIFICATE?
  7. How many relevant sites link to your site?

And much more, the list is quite extensive and if you treat it like a brownie point system for everything you get correct you collect points, if you can collect more points than your competitors you will appear before them in the searches.

So in reality it’s not something you can do yourself, or if you can you don’t need instructions.

Trouble Free Websites would provide this service for £500 a month Website, hosting and emails included.


What do you want from your website?

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Online Advert

Do you want an advert online you can use to keep your customers updated with, or somewhere people can get information about your products and services online if they search for your business? read more...

Local Business

Do you want local customers you don’t know and who don’t know you to find your site when they search for a product or services you provide without your company name? read more....

UK National Company

Are you’re a national company and want finding all over the UK when people search for a product or service you provide? read more...

Global Company

Are you global and want finding all over the world? read more..

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Beat your competition

With all web pages one Google these days we can help you beat your competition.

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Website Traffic

Increase website traffic

Over 90% of search engine traffic comes from the first page Google results. We can get you there.

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Generate more revenue

£49.5 billion was generated by online stores in the UK last year

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Social Media

Social Media

Facebook – 2.23 billion users, Instagram – 1 billion users, as you can see you have to be on social media

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Google Rankings

We Get Websites Ranked On Google and Help Visitors Reach Your Website Faster.