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Well you got your nice new shiny website how do you get people to find it. How do you get it out their across the internet so when people look for what your selling you pop up for them to see.

The search phrase Uniform Shop returns 13,670,000,000 results in the Google search so if you’re selling uniforms why should your site be at the front, don’t know what key phrases are relevant to your business but most search phrases return hundreds of thousands to millions of results so why should your businesses website be in front of your competitors, you have to convince Google your site has more right to be their than the other millions.

It’s just the same as opening a shop on a high street with nothing but shops that sell exactly the same products as you. How would you convince passing customers to use your shop? That’s the tasks at hand and my first piece of advice would be getting someone who knows what they’re doing to do it.

Getting listed in Google is simple enough and just like most things these days there’s software and apps available to make this as simple as possible, so you don’t need to be a web designer to do it. And if you do it yourself it will likely get locally listed for some very relevant search phrases.

Egg: Roofer do it your self will likely get found for searches such as Roof fitted, Roof fixed, Roofing repairs.

Eg: Roofers done by someone who knows what their doing would get found for searches such as Roof repairs, Roof replaced, Roof installed, Roof fitted, Roof fixed, Roofing repairs, Roofing replaced, Roofing Repaired, Roofing installed, Roofing fitted, Roofing fixed, Conservatory roof repairs, Conservatory roof replaced, Conservatory roof installed, Conservatory roof fitted, Conservatory roof fixed, fascia repairs, skylight fixed ect ect.


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Online Advert

Do you want an advert online you can use to keep your customers updated with, or somewhere people can get information about your products and services online if they search for your business? read more...

Local Business

Do you want local customers you don’t know and who don’t know you to find your site when they search for a product or services you provide without your company name? read more....

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Are you’re a national company and want finding all over the UK when people search for a product or service you provide? read more...

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Are you global and want finding all over the world? read more..

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With all web pages one Google these days we can help you beat your competition.

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