Local Business Website

local business website

Do you want local customers to find your site when they search for a product or services you provide? This  type of website takes some maintence and it is required that you update your google local business acount and your websites on a regular basis, using these two together is the easest way for a beginer to get thier site listed local.

If you’re a roofing firm you would get found localy for Roof Repairs if you’re a sports shop you would get found localy for football boots ect ect.

A website that has been set up correctly, with SEO and the ability of the owner to interact and update regular is what’s needed.

  • Weekly google business updates required

  • Weekly websites updates required

Both need to be linked and synced with each other correctly, if your good with words and have an understanding of SEO with some hours to spare a week you can save thousands in the cost of your website over the years.

Remember it’s all about the words you use, the categories you pick, the links you create and how often you update, to how Google lists you and what it lists you for, to get your listing and to keep your listing will require regular updates to your website and your google account.

A professional will get you listed more often, for more keywords and much quicker but for those who wish to do it themselves just follow these steps.

Register Business on Google

Register your business with Google my business for free, wait untill your google pin number arives in the posts usualy 4 to 7 days and put it into your google acount to verify and fully activate.

Optimize your Google

Now you have inserted you pin its time to optimize your Google online presence and make sure you fill in all parts of Google my business, such as descriptions, categories, location, products, areas you cover, contact details. Upload plenty of pictures and provide picture descriptions, create some post promoting yourself. And sync it all with your website.

Updating your Google

All setup and ready to go, you now need to be updating Google on a regular basis and link it all to your website this setup correctly and synced with your website properly will help get you found locally in Google

Updating your Website

Google all setup and ready to go, you now need to be updating your website on a regular basis and this done correctly and synced with your Google properly will help get you found locally in Google

Trouble Free Websites will provide Google Registration, Hosting, Domain Name, Westite, SEO Setup and Email Address included for £500, if you dont have the time to do the weekly updating we will do it for £150 a month.

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Social Media

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